Add an extra $5,000,000 ARR
in less than 90 days

Without spending a penny on paid ads and without hiring junior SDRs

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Fill Your Pipeline Using Our Proven

Flow System

Fantastic Messaging

We write highly-specific copy tailored to your ideal prospects.

Customer Acquisition

We set up our acquisition
process in your business.
Enabling you to generate
dozens leads at scale.

Closing Deals

We optimize and iterate our campaigns to help you close as many deals as possible.

Why choose us?

Consistent Lead Flow

Enjoy a steady stream of high-quality leads from potential customers who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

Precise Targeting

We identify and engage key decision-makers within your target organizations, making sure your leads are highly relevant and.

Detailed Reporting

Receive regular updates and detailed reports on campaign performance.

Continuous Optimization

We continuously analyze and optimize the campaigns to ensure the best results, supporting your business growth over time.

Transparent analytics

We believe in transparency and a commitment to delivering the best results for your business.

Long-Term Vision

Our main goal is making sure you are able to consistently increase your revenue every month.

How we work :

First step
Fill out onboarding form with details about your product and your ideal prospects

Second step
We launch campaigns and start booking the meetings for you on autopilot

Third step
We continually improve the perfomance of all the campaigns

What's Included:

_____________ Dedicated Inbox Manager

Follows up with every interested lead

Weekly Reporting

Letting you know how the system is running

Lead List Building

All prospects will fit your criteria

Inbox Setup

Going to the primary folder 100% of the time

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Michael Abramowitz
CEO - Braid

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We qualify all the companies we decide to work with. If we believe our service won’t be able to work for you, we won’t take you on.

First meetings will start popping up in your calendar after a month max.

After we generate a lead, we will pass them over to you through your CRM. If you use any custom software, we'll adapt our framework to it.

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